5 great ways to celebrate earth day with your kids

Earth Day is here, and – as often happens – my kids are the reminder I need to make some positive changes in my actions. When I leave a room without turning off a light, Gemma prompts me to do so and “save energy”. I’m also more conscious than ever of working to make the world a better place, but part of that begins with what we’re doing at home. Here are five Earth Day activities that are incredibly easy and fun, and will encourage the next generation of little environmentalists.

LeafGemma lives for art and crafts projects. These crayons are so incredibly cool – and the perfect size for even tiny hands.

There are a load of great activities here, but I especially love the DIY Recycling Sorting Station. A great way to promote awareness and get kids involved in clean up.

I love this recycled mobile; it’s colorful and would work perfectly in our play area. I have an empty egg carton just begging for this; Gemma could be involved in the construction and I know Cleo would love the aesthetics.

Gemma has been asking for a garden this spring. Considering Cleo loves to eat dirt, I think she could get into it too. I’ll need this guide when we get started.

We’ll be sure to read this book before bedtime (one of our favorites); a little reminder of how small changes can make a big difference.



the power of a village (a running story)

Running has always been an escape for me; the time I spend on a run helps me to find clarity in stressful or bothersome situations. I can check out, reflect, and Several months ago, when I signed up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I felt like I was taking a big risk – but it was exciting. This would be the longest race I’d ever done, and I knew the training schedule would require hard work and dedication.

But I’ve found this spring to be increasingly chaotic, and fitting in the time for a longer run has been tough. Two weeks ago I attempted nine miles – possibly the most difficult I’ve ever done. I stopped close to fifteen times, finished incredibly sore (with trouble walking up and down stairs) and considered dropping out of the race. I felt defeated.

This weekend I decided to try once more, this time with my sister – a marathoner who has just been cleared to run again (she’s also registered for Brooklyn). It seems like Central Park and incredible weather, along with the encouragement of a fellow runner, was the confidence booster I needed. Ten miles. Ten miles! I finished, and felt pretty good. It couldn’t have been more different than my experience but a week earlier. And made me realize how easy it is to make a snap decision based on one bad experience.

central park 1

central park 2Never underestimate the power of your village. Related: I will finish this run.

central park 3

gemma and the reading journey

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in search of solid sleep

Sleep has always been a struggle with Cleo. Up until 6 months of age she woke every two hours (more or less). It was around that time I spoke with a sleep consultant, who gave me several (good) suggestions. Our situation improved, but only Continue Reading