Getting Ready for the Holidays With Seventh Generation

DSC_0295The holiday season has arrived. Our tree is up, that mischevious little elf is hanging around, and the kiddos are starting to get excited. I adore Christmas. I love decorating, entertaining, and indulging in everything this month has to offer. But with the chaos that accompanies the next few weeks, it’s tough keeping the house in tip-top shape.

Luckily, Seventh Generation has some great products that help me keep everything neat and tidy — and prepped for unexpected visitors. Along with that, here are some of my best tips for staying guest-ready.

1. Clean the things people will use (or see) on a daily (or almost daily) basis: This includes your toilets, sinks, tables, and countertops. You don’t need to be thorough! A simple wipe will make things look cleaner than they actually are. Seventh Generation’s Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes are incredible for those quick once-overs.

2. Get the dishes out of the sink: Nothing makes a kitchen look messier than a sink piled full of dishes. If you have a dishwasher, store them in there (or run a quick load!). It only takes a minute extra. If you don’t have one you may have to invest in a little time with the soap suds. I love Seventh Generation’s Auto Dish Packs in Lemon, and the Lavender Floral and Mint Dish Liquid.

3. Take out the trash: You may not notice the smell, but your guests will. Empty your trash before they arrive so there’s no need to apologize for funky smells. We use Seventh Generation’s Tall Kitchen Trash Bags.Trash Bags


4. Cut the clutter: I detest clutter, but it happens even to the best of us. The toys, papers, and bills that are impossible to keep track of can often just get out of control. Spend 5-10 minutes every evening going through these items and sorting them out. Do it for a week and you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes!

It may seem overwhelming, but with just a little effort your house can be ready for unexpected playdates and guests — and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the next few weeks.

I am compensated for my participation as a Seventh Generation Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Saving Money and Looking Great With VSP Vision Care #SeeMuchMore

Today’s post is partnered with VSP Vision Care. All opinions are my own

My husband and I both need corrective eyewear; contacts for me and glasses for him. With glasses, in particular, it’s nice to switch things up every once in a while. Your style is an extension of your personality, and your glasses can help accentuate this! Over the past several years, we’ve changed our frames as often as we’re able to.

That being said, no one wants to dump a load of money on eyewear that will be out of style in the near future. And glasses are expensive. When you pay for the cost of lenses (especially pricey if you have a complicated prescription) and frames your bills can climb into the high hundreds! Crazy!

There’s no better time to maximize your vision benefits so you save on eyewear — and still look good. As the largest national not-for-profit in vision care, VSP Vision Care reinvests in the things its nearly 66 million members value most – the best care at the lowest out-of-pocket costs. With a network of 30,000 eye care providers, VSP members have the freedom to choose the provider, location and eyewear that’s right for them. It’s easy to see why VSP is consumers’ #1 choice in vision care. VSP even provides you with a frame allowance, making it affordable to purchase designer eyewear!

VSP logo crop

Not sure if VSP is right for you? is a one-stop site for all the information you need about enrolling in vision benefits. The site includes a virtual savings calculator to estimate your savings with VSP vision benefits. There is also helpful information about maintaining healthy vision that can be found at the Learn About Your Eyes section of the site. You can even play an interactive game for a chance to win prizes.

Glasses 4Glasses 3Glasses 2Now, here’s the good news. I’m giving away a pair of designer sunglasses — all you need to do is enter in the raffelcopter below! Good luck!

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