gemma and the reading journey

Gemma isn’t completely reading, yet – although she’s started to recognize some sight words. Still, it’s a major goal for the next year (hers, not mine) and I think she’s on the path to achieving it.

We spent today at the Bronx Zoo (exhausting but wonderful; we narrowly escaped with only two meltdowns). When we arrived home, Gemma rushed upstairs to pull out her National Geographic Big Book of Animals and review what we had seen. Carefully, we looked up various species in the index, locating the page numbers together. And I remembered how significant a learning tool a child’s own interests can be.

Zoo 2

Zoo 3

Gemma is crazy for animals, and is definitely more motivated to attempt reading when it pertains to wildlife. She wants to know everything about cheetahs and elephants and seahorses. What better way to do so than by reading it yourself. It’s certainly an incentive.

Zoo 1

That being said, a few years ago we discovered Children’s Magazines – National Geographic Little Kids, in particular. It became something we looked forward to every month – a little treat in the mail, full of stories and information that is completely accessible to a pre-schooler. Since then, we’ve expanded our repetoire to Ranger Rick – and have found some additions we’d like to try (Click and Chirp). I do most of the reading, but she’s been known to jump in periodically.

Who knew. The key to reading may have always been in our mailbox.

progress in the fight against toxins {#fighttoxins}

You may remember me posting about The Toxin Freedom Fighters Campaign several weeks ago. You can refresh your memory here and here – essentially Seventh Generation has the goal of collecting 100,000 signatures in support of demanding that Congress reevaluate the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This will be the first time the TSCA has been revisited since 1976.

Seventh Generation Resize

To date, Seventh Generation has collected over 80,000 signatures. With 80,000 chemicals available in the United States that have never been fully tested for their toxic effect on our health and environment, this is GREAT news. In particular for those of us with children. I’m incredibly concerned about the toxicity of products my girls may come into contact with; this campaign is a step in the right direction for ensuring the safety of future generations.

If you haven’t signed yet, this is the perfect opportunity. It takes two minutes of your time, but can make a world of difference. And after you’ve signed the petition, don’t forget to mask yourself – and share your commitment in the fight against toxins on Facebook. Gemma got a huge kick out of this.

We are responsible for creating change, and now’s the time to take action. Let’s do it for our children.

I am compensated and provided with product for my participation as a Seventh Generation ambassador. As always, all statements and opinions are my own.

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