Fall With Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation WipesIt’s hard to believe Gemma’s almost done with her second week of kindergarten. The transition has been easy in some ways, difficult in others. She comes home completely exhausted, mentally and physically. With a much earlier start time, it’s also been But she seems to enjoy her class, her new friends, and hear teacher — for which I’m grateful. In some ways I wonder whether the process is harder on me than her — as a mother it’s always difficult to “let go” of your children.

With this new routine — new responsibilities and destinations, I’ve been on the lookout for products that will simplify and expedite our routine. Add to that the fact that we really need to provide so many supplies for Gemma’s classroom — suffice to say I’ve been shopping.

You may remember my partnership with Seventh Generation — although I haven’t written about it in several months, I’ve been relying on their products heavily over the last month (and in my back to school prep). Here are some of my favorite.

Seventh Generation Hand Soap – Unscented

Everything we send into school needs to be unscented — for obvious allergy reasons. This soap is perfect for any classroom (or home!). Light and free of scent, it’s a product I’ve been turning to.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

These wipes are super strong and great for cleaning up little hands, tushies, even crayon and paint messes. I’m certain I’ll be buying wipes for the rest of my life — what a glorious product (and one I was only able to discover by having children!).

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Classrooms are filthy. These wipes work just as well on school desks as they do on my kitchen table.

I’m sure as the weather turns cooler, we’ll experience obstacles, and successes. We’ll further adjust to our routine, and I know that one day our early mornings won’t feel quite so rushed. We will adjust, and for now I’m celebrating small accomplishments (11 days in kindergarten!).

Luckily, I know I have Seventh Generation to handle all of my cleaning — and messy kiddo — needs.

This post was sponsored by Seventh Generation.

on to kindergarten

Gemma started kindergarten last week. A huge adjustment and massive change from pre-kindergarten. The most shocking — to her — has been the level of independence given to kindergarteners. Bathroom breaks are with a partner; no one is hanging over your shoulder wondering whether you’ve eaten lunch or not. “Mommy!” she told me. “At kindergarten we have to do most things for ourselves.” The most telling — to me — has been the level of ease with which she’s adjusted. She was ready. Ready to navigate the halls of kindergarten, friendship, and growing up, without the firm grip of anyone’s hand.

And although I know she still needs me, this is the first tread of many I’ll cross with her. I’ll always be there, of course, but a few steps behind. Checking to see whether her path is straight or curved, her gait strong or wobbly. Assessing the journey, and deciding when to provide a pillow, a parachute, or push just a little bit harder. Because that’s what mothers do best.

Last week, when I dropped her off, my heart was pulled in so many directions; alternately singing for the time that will be, and weeping for that which has passed. A dichotomy that makes motherhood so special, perhaps.


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